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understanding different geographies
Communicating Meaning with [Geo]Graphic Artifacts

Workshop participants in front of Schneeberg


A video of the sledging activity can be found here.

Photos of the snowshoeing event can be found here.

A detailed program is available here (pdf).

An updated workshop schedule is now online. Program

Information for arrival to / departure from Puchberg can be found here.

Information on costs and payment can be found here.


       Welcome to the website of the workshop "Understanding Different Geographies" which will take place at Puchberg am Schneeberg, Austria from January 31st till February 3rd. The workshop will be second in a series of events. During the first workshop in 2009 emphasis was put on mapping endeavors in novel and interdisciplinary project environments as well as the mapping of non-traditional subjects.


This time the focus of the workshop has slightly shifted. The main questions are:

  • How can users explore information and gain knowledge from visualizations/maps of 'different' geographies?
  • How can we extract meaning from and deconstruct the (cartographic) visualizations we make?
  • How can geo-coded artifacts and maps be used to communicate geography in exhibition spaces?
  • How can cartographic information design augment exhibition designs?


Different geographies – different workshop: We are very keen to enable an extensive exchange of ideas amongst the workshop participants and to hear and discuss with you your experiences in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. A loose workshop schedule and plenty of group activities enjoying the great outdoors of the Lower Austrian Alps will offer perfect opportunities to get to know the other participants and for serious discussions. If you are interested in presenting at this workshop please note the call for contributions.


We look forward to seeing you in Puchberg am Schneeberg!





Call for Contributions (pdf)

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